Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

Our Doody services residential and commercial properties; we can service hotels, HOA apartment complexes, and more. We offer competitive quotes for anything from one-time cleanups to 5 days a week visits!

Do You Sanitize Your Equipment Between Yards?

YES! Every yard, every time. We take every measure to prevent the spread of disease and insects from one yard to the next.

What Areas Are Included?

Your tech will sweep and scoop all areas in the backyard, including grass, artificial turf, patios, landscape areas, flowerbeds, rock areas, pool decks, under trampolines, around playground equipment, and everywhere else needed. We can also include the front or side yard upon request. After scooping the waste, your tech will take it with them and email you when your services are completed.

Is It Okay if My Dog Is Outside During Service?

YES, please, we started this business because of our Love for dogs! We enjoy seeing them and interacting with them daily. We bring treats with us, and if you would like us to refrain from giving your dog any, please let us know when signing up! Some dogs may not be that happy about us invading their space. If that happens to be your fur baby, we ask that he remains inside during the visit!

Can I Specify a Time or Date for My Service?

Your tech will arrive and clean up all the waste on the same day each week. We service most cities in our area several days a week, so let us know which day you prefer, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. When are we on the way? We can have your tech call, text, or email you when they are on their way.

Do I Need to Be Home?

No, it is unnecessary for you to be home during your visit as long as we have access to your yard and your dogs are happy with us being there!

Can You Notify Me Ahead of My Service?

Each client has text notifications enabled upon signing up and will receive a text notification 10-15 minutes before service and a picture text of their gate shut after each service that is time stamped.

Can You Sanitize or Deodorize?

Yes, we can apply a product that neutralizes unwanted odors and a different product that sanitizes the yard.

Is There an Extra Charge for My First Visit?

Yes, we do charge an initial fee that will vary. The first bag of waste is $17.99, each additional bag of waste is $15, and tax is added.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Yes, we are. We are registered with the state of Texas and have liability insurance to protect all our employees, personal properties, and pets! We use a company called Pet Care Insurance. You will see their badges throughout our website; you can click on them anytime to be directed to their site.

Do You Have Company Vehicles?

Yes, we do! Our techs will arrive in full uniform and a company truck when available.