Pet Waste Removal In Rockwall County, TX

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Are you tired of the 'doo-ty' that comes with pet ownership? Let us handle it as your trusted pet waste removal company. With our user-friendly platform, booking a cleanup is as easy as a walk in the park. We notify you 15 minutes before each visit and provide visual confirmation of a job well done, so you can focus on fun with your furry friend, not fretting over the mess. Welcome to It's Our Doody - where we handle the lot so you can enjoy the rest!

Unmatched Customer Support

Your experience will be filled with genuine care. We are at your side, ready to help, whether it's a scheduling issue or a special cleanup request.

Simplicity At Its Best

You're in control, effortlessly managing your bookings. With our easy-to-navigate platform, scheduling your pet waste cleanup becomes hassle-free.

The badge symbolizes pet care insurance, covering services like pet waste removal and removing pet waste, indicating support from a dog poop service or others in pet waste removal services.

Pet Care

You can relax, knowing we're not just cleaning up; we're also committed to the well-being of your beloved pets. That's why our service comes with pet care insurance.

"Top-notch service!"

Top-notch service! I’ve been using this service for a year and have been very satisfied. I’m always alerted when a technician is on the way and send a photo after my cleanup. I would highly recommend them.

Mandi Nickerson

Pet Waste Removal Services

No Mess, No Stress!

Are you tired of constantly dodging landmines in your yard or struggling to keep it clean from your furry friend's mess? Our professional pet waste removal service is your hassle-free solution!

In addition to our weekly pet waste removal, we provide a range of secondary services tailored to your needs. These include twice weekly and every other week pet waste removal and one-time cleanings for those unexpected moments or special occasions. Lastly, to ensure your yard is clean and fresh-smelling, we offer our specialized yard deodorization services which eliminate the stubborn, lingering odors often associated with pet waste, making your yard more inviting.

Enjoy a Spotless, Odor-free Yard
A diligent technician in a pet butler team performs dog waste removal, a crucial part of pet waste removal services in dog parks.


For our initial visit to recurring clients, we charge $17.99 for the first bucket of waste and $15 for each additional bucket. This ensures your yard starts off clean and fresh. Additional charges include: $3 per extra dog and $2.50 for every additional 11,000 sq. ft. above the base lot size.

🦴 Weekly Cleanups

Service for up to 1/4-acre lot and two dogs.

  • 17.99 per visit
  • Scoop poop
  • Haul waste away
🦴 Twice A Week Cleanups

Service for up to 1/4-acre lot and two dogs.

  • 15.99 per visit
  • Scoop poop
  • Haul waste away
🦴 Every Other Week

Service for up to 1/4-acre lot and two dogs.

  • 31.99 per month
  • Scoop poop
  • Haul waste away
🦴 ONE-TIMe CLeanUp

$100 for the first three bags of waste, then $15 for each additional bag after that.

Take the First Step to a Cleaner Yard Today!

Are you tired of the dirty work? Step into a cleaner, fresher yard with our pet waste removal service that promises convenience, reliability, and satisfaction.